Monday, May 16, 2011

Dream Come True

This past weekend I went to Olomouc, a city about a 3 hour drive east of Tabor, for the weekend.  Some of my Czech friends were going to introduce some their Czech friends to some of my American friends.  On Saturday we went to the zoo and took a nice walk through nature.  The zoo is situated within the woods so it was a nice stroll.  When I saw the giraffe's I was overly excited.  I eagerly ran up the stairs to the platform where you could see the giraffes more clearly.  At the platform the giraffes could come up to the platform to say hi.  It was the first time IN MY LIFE that I have actually touched a giraffe.  Not only did I get to touch the giraffe, but it licked my hand....Calan couldn't grab my camera fast enough to catch history in progress.  Now all I need to do is go to Africa and see a giraffe in its natural habitat!  It definitely was the best part of the weekend for me :)

Our drive there was slowed because of a tractor on the road...funny to see that the license plate is from IOWA....go figure...

me OVER JOYED at being able to touch the giraffe...I don't think I could smile any bigger...I think if I was a tree, you could count how old I am by all the wrinkles on my face...jeez louise....

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