Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2010

So I figured out that I have 21 weekends left before I leave. That seems like a lot but I know that it is going to go quickly. I told myself that I have accomplish something each weekend so I don't over load myself in the end. Today I went out and got my passport pictures. The program said that I should take 10 passport pictures with me to Europe in case I need documents overseas. LET ME TELL YOU, passport pictures are pricey! It cost me 45.00 to get the 10 pictures...YIKES.

I also got an email from Katerina and she seems like a great person. She sent me some pictures of herself, her daughter, and her partner. Their city is beautiful and I am a little nervous that they are going to feel let down when they come here. Lake Stevens is far from historic and Arcitectural. I seem to be getting the better end of the deal and I just really hope she find the beauty in what this place can offer.


  1. Ms. Dykstra! (It's Jessica from your third period, by the way)
    Today, when you wrote "dobre rano" on the board - something in my mind didn't click. "Dobre rano" is good morning in SLOVAK; not in Czech! The correct termology would be: "Dobré jitro" pronounced, "doh-breh eet-roh" with a long "O" sound.
    I was telling my dad about today and he reminded me of that; and I just looked it up as well, in some places on the web, it DOES say "dobre rano" as in Czech - but that is not the case. Some Czechs who haven't experienced much of the Slovak language might not understand that, so "Dobré jitro" is best way to go.

    Sorry about that!

  2. Jessie,

    You have been so amazingly helpful through all this!!! Thank you sooo much.