Saturday, September 4, 2010

Similarities and Differences

So I have been here in the Czech Republic now for a little over 3 weeks. It is been a wonderful adventure exploring a new culture. I absolutely LOVE the Czech Republic. There are some differences between the Czech Republic and the United States. I am going to list a few here and continue to update my list as the year goes on. I am not saying one way is better than the other...just observations :)
  • People in the Czech Republic walk or ride bikes as a main source of transportation. They also use the bus and train system. In America, people rely on their cars
  • Water is not free in restaurants here in CZ. Beer is cheaper than a glass of water and you do not get free refills. In USA, water is free and you can have as many refills for free as you want. Also in the USA when you buy a soda, you get as many refills for free as well. Not here.
  • Students wear "indoor" shoes while in school. They must change their shoes when entering the school and most wear birkenstocks. Not in the USA
  • EVERYONE must wear "indoor" shoes when going into someone's home. It is very similar to the Hawaiian Style shoe method in the USA
  • Teachers do not have their own classroom. They move from room to room and students move from room to room.
  • In CZ you shower sitting down (few stand up showers) and in the USA we have stand up showers
  • Teachers have their desk in a "Kabinet" (office) with another small group of teachers. There are kabinets through out the school based on section of teaching. In the USA, teachers have their own classroom so they don't share an office.
  • People in the CZ meet for coffee and socialize, usually in an outdoor patio restaurant (when it isn't raining or doors when it is) and in the USA there is Starbucks, and people go in, get their coffee, and leave...not too much socializing. It is a way of life here and on this topic...I like the CZ way better :)
  • Mushrooming is a hobby of MANY people in the CZ. In America, we don't know the poison ones from the good ones so I don't know anyone that goes mushrooming
  • Women in the CZ get 2,3, or 4 years PAID materinity leave to raise their child. In USA (least for teachers) you get 3 months, unpaid.
  • People grocery shop for a day or two at a time and MUST bring their own bag. In America, people shop for food for a month at a time and stores provide bags

Here is the list so far....I will continue to update as time goes on


  1. Emily,
    Your posts on your blog are most interesting. I am reading them all and loving the education. I can't help but think what Katerina is experiencing in return.

  2. thats great for my home work thanks a lot, prob get 6a on my english home work : )

  3. appreciate the info, you helped me on my civics homework..

  4. It is great info indeed but for I have been to the Czech Republic for 3 years time I say every house I had been to there was a stand up shower.

  5. Can you put up a column saying how Czech & American cultures please?

  6. i am czech american. they both are pretty much the same. i dont know why? but cabbage is pretty good. they both are red, white, and blue. one of these days i might make a czech-american muscle car. those people like a car with style. i know i do. but most can't afford a camaro. talk about a conundrum :)

  7. I am from Czech republic and I live there nowadays. Czech republic is not only good one, there is lot of bad things of living there. For example Czech people are the most sceptic one in a whole world.