Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Completely Random

So the other morning, I decided to take an early morning walk around the Jordan (lake in Tabor).  The lake is frozen and on my walk there is a small little swimming hole along the path.  As I was walking I see some ducks swimming in the swimming hole and all of a sudden, my eyes focused on this big, fat man walking out of the swimming hole, NAKED.  I am really trying to get over my "American" nudity shyness, but the look on my face was probably priceless.  I couldn't stop and turn back, that would be awkward and the fully clothed man that was standing on the trail didn't seem to have a problem talking to the naked man drying himself off with his towel.  So I continued walking past the naked man and walked another 5 minutes and had to turn around to get back to school to start the day. So lucky me, I got to see naked man TWICE.  As soon as I got back to school I had to tell Romana and Zuzka what I had seen and they said it was normal :)...ahhhhh Czech culture.  I love that I learn and see something new everyday :)

PS.  I did have my camera, but I was in too much shock to actually stop and take a picture so unfortunately there is no picture included in this post.

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