Saturday, February 26, 2011

Night Train

Tonight my adventure began.  This is going to be my first trip traveling in Europe by myself and although I am a little nervous, excitement does flow the most.  Nothing ever goes smoothly for me though.  I left my flat at 6:30 for my 20 minute walk to the train station.  Luckily I had given myself some extra time because as I got about 5 minutes away from my flat, I realized that I had forgotten my food I was going to bring.  So looking at my watch, I decided I had enough time to hurry back and grab my food. As I got back to the same spot, 5 minutes from my flat, I realized that I had forgotten my train ID card and so for the second time, I sprinted back to my flat to retrieve the missing item.  I definitely was getting my exercise in even BEFORE I left.
    Now time was against me so I had to jog to the train station with a big backpack on my back in 20 degree temperature praying I would make my train.  No worries though.  I made it to the train station with 8 minutes to spare.  Hopefully this beginning experience is not a sign of what's to come and all will work out from here.
I don't know why google blog won't let you rotate the pictures.  I slept on the bottom bunk but you have to crank your head to the left to view.
    Once in Prague, I found my "Night Train" and located my couchette (sleeper).  I have never been on a night train before so this was very exciting me.  In my car, there was probably about 10 of us and unless you were traveling with a friend, you got your own sleeper room.  In each room there are three bunks and a sink and closet.  It was a tight fit but being the only person in there, there was plenty of room.  The train left Prague at 9:17pm so I put on my jammies and tucked myself in and started to read my book, hoping I would fall asleep soon.....NOPE.
    Since I had the room to myself, I didn't need to worry about my belongings, but it would not have mattered anyway because sleep was the LAST thing that I did last night.  Not because I was worried or afraid but because I usually don't sleep the first night some place new.  Scenarios of murder mysteries or stowaways or some James Bond espionage kept going through my mind.  The big "jerk" at every new train station didn't help matters either.  Although I didn't get much sleep, it was one of the most fun experiences I have had.  I highly recommend traveling by a night train.  I can't go as far and say it is like a hotel on wheels but it is a rare experience.
   Lesson learned:   Bring ear plugs

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