Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top 10

I was asked to give me Top Ten experiences/memories so far in this Fulbright experience they are:

Ms. Dykstra’s Top 10
1.  Café Mocha.  My favorite café to go get ice cream and coffee
2.  Katerina.  I am so lucky to be doing this exchange with her
3.  Lisbon.  Favorite city I have visited so far
4. Dolomities.  Favorite place to ski
5. Czech Language.  I am starting to be able to speak a new language
6. Small class sizes.  I only have about 15 students in each class
7. Tabor Meetings.  Town festival
8.  Writing my blog.  It is great to share all my experiences
9.  Facebook.  Being able to keep in contact with friends/family from home.
10.  My mom. For all her support through out this process

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