Thursday, June 16, 2011

Czech Students

June 16, 2011

Today was the last day with my Thursday conversation class.  All week, I have been saying good-bye to many of my classes.  Next week, most of my students are gone on "class trips" so this is the last week of actual teaching/instruction.  The final week of school will have a different schedule, since there are only 4 days the final week of June 27-30 so this week was the last time that we would be together as a class.

Pavlina and Iveta
I am definitely not ready in this blog to reflect on my year of teaching.  I need some more time to process all that has happened, but I can say that it has been a life changing experience.  It has been "real" as we say back in America.  For some students, it has been "real"ly amazing...some students have been "real" irritating, but that is the same even in America.

Andrea, Me, Tereza, Tina, Martina
Today, like I said was my last conversation class with my Thursday group.  We finished a video in class, had a wonderful conversation and then I treated them to some ice cream in the town square.  Like 99% of my students, these kids are so wonderful.  It has been an honor to be their teacher and watch their English and confidence in speaking English grow!  I know that I have made life long connections and these students have definitely had a positive impact on me, as I hope I have had on them.  So here are some of the pictures that we took today during our last conversation class.

Jitka...try NOT to laugh...impossible

Karolina, Martina, Tereza, Tina, Andrea

Me and the gang

Donika, Jitka, Eli, Lenka, and Steve

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