Sunday, January 23, 2011

4C Maturita Ball

At my school the students are separated by "classes".  About 30 students belong to each class and they take all their classes together.  In America we classify them by the year that they are in school.  For example, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, etc and every single student in that year belong to the same class.  In the Czech Republic they are divided even among the same year.  Seniors at my school here in the Czech Republic there is 4C, 4D,4B, 6A, and V8G.  Kids in those classes would all be considered seniors in America but here they are identified by their class.

Last night I went to my final ball.  Each class has a Maturita Ball.  The kids in the class have a theme and they organize the ball themselves.  It was 4C's turn last night.  The 30 students looked beautiful in their gowns and suits and their theme was commercials.  The ball was held at a local hotel and all family, friends, and teachers are invited.

Romana (colleague and friend) and I went to the ball together.  Romana has been my mentor here in the Czech Republic and I definitely would be lost with out her!  She has been an amazing support and it was fun to have a night out with her :)

Students from the younger classes also come to the balls to support their friends.  The students on the left are some of my third year students.  The students on the right are two of my 4D students.  Their English is amazing and I am proud to be their teacher :)

For some reason, I can't get these pictures to rotate so you can see them normally but I thought they needed to be posted so you may have to crink your neck a bit to view.  The one above and below are pictures of my 4C students....all super 4C students

Their gowns are beautiful and they all shined.

Karolina  (blonde 2nd from left) and Tina (brown hair on right) are two of my students and their dance group did a performance at the ball.  It was Karolina's ball so I am sure it was even more exciting for her to perform in front of her family and friends.  They are amazing!!!!

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