Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas Dec 25th

Vesele Vanoce means Merry Christmas in Czech.  Since I wasn't going to be at home for Christmas, I decided to spend Christmas someplace  really interesting and warm.  Currently it is well below zero in Tabor and some sun was definitely on the menu.

The two locations came down to Lisbon, Portugal or Athens, Greece.  Being the huge James Bond fan that I am, I leaned more towards Lisbon and luckily Brock agreed.  Calan, our third amigo, was going to Cairo, Jordan, and Turkey and Brock and I wanted something a little more lower key.

With bags packed, we met at the Prague train station at 9:45am December 25th and made our way to the airport. All of a sudden the twinkle in our jingle bells stopped when we saw our 12:20 flight to Lisbon through Frankfurt was cancelled.  Nevertheless, they booked us on the 1:50 flight so Christmas was not lost yet.  Then our 1:50 flight was delayed 2 hours so finally at 4pm we boarded the plane.

When we arrived in Frankfurt we found out our flight was again going to be delayed from 8pm til 10pm.  The jingle in my bell was getting softer by the minute as I tried to focus on the positives.  Finally we arrived in Lisbon at 11:30pm to find out that the last shuttle to the hostel was at 11pm.  Brock and I split an expensive taxi ride and walked into our new home at 12:30.  The Yes!Lisbon hostel greeted us with open arms and 2 glasses of Port and set us up with our room.  After 14 hours of traveling  (which was suppose to only have taken 4.5 hours) we were finally in Lisbon.  Vesele Vanoce!

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