Monday, January 3, 2011

Alfama - Lisbon - Day 3

Today we decided to ride the historic Tram 28.  The tram goes from one end of the city to the next.  Lisbon is basically at the bottom of the bowl and the Alfama neighborhood is up to the right and there is another neighborhood up to the left.  For 1.50 euro you can ride the tram to whichever stop you want.  Each time you get off you have to pay to get back on.

Our first stop was in the Alfama area.  Brock had heard about the Thieves Market and we wanted to check it out.  It literally is a huge flea market where the locals spread blankets out on the ground and sell absolutely everything, including and mostly junk.  I guess it makes sense since in Europe people don't have garage sales (since most people don't have a garage) and this is a location where the locals can set up their area and sell what they don't need.  Not really worth seeing in my opinion but it was said to see in all the tourist books.
locals set up their tents or blankets to sell their goods.
 locals use the parking lot to sell their goods as well.


 Our next stop was back down the hill to the opposite side of the city to a church.  After the church we walked back to the hostel.  It was all down hill so it was all good.  At the hostel Brock and I split up and I walked back up to Alfama to an amazing look out point. There is a cafe at the top and I had a pastry and soaked in my environment.  I am so lucky to be where I am at, at this moment in time.  That thought just kept going through my mind.  I loved feeling the freedom of being by myself and exploring the unknown city.

 view from a little park in the Alfama area
 view of Lisbon from park cafe
 view from neighborhood in Alfama area
Above:  Many of the buildings are made from tile.  It is really beautiful
view from cafe mid way down the Alfama area

     I walked my way back down towards Lisbon and stopped at another cafe halfway down and had a glass of Port and appreciated the view of the city.  How cool was it that I was drinking Port in Portugal.  WOW!! So amazing.  I met back up with Brock and we made pizza for dinner and hung out at the hostel.

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