Sunday, December 11, 2011

Czech birthdays

Friday December 9, 2011

I arrived at 9am.  After a long day of flying, I finally made it to Tabor.  Katerina and Michal met me at the train station with open arms, hugs, and smiles.  Michal took my luggage back to the flat while Katerina and I stopped by Gymnazium to say to my students and colleagues/friends.  I was definitely exhausted after about 24 hours of travelling but I was just so excited to see everyone.

At around 6 pm I went Katerina, Michal, and Johana to Katerina's dad's and step mom's birthday celebration. Her father, Pepa turned 60 and step mom turned 50.  They live in a small village called Borotin so the birthday was a big celebration of their closest friends and family...and when I say closest, I mean about 50 family members and friends.  It was held at the local pub, meeting location with home made desserts and food from Babicka (grandma).

Traditionally in the Czech Republic you greet the birthday person with a handshake and a kiss on the cheek.  Family and friends bring flowers for the person if they are a girl and gifts for either gender.

We had a great time visiting and listening to a traditional polka band.  They had a 4 member polka type band and Katerina, her sister Eva and their friend Hilary sang together.  The kids in the family put on a couple dance performances.  There was just such a great feeling of family and celebration.

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