Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let the Journey Begin

Thursday Dec. 8, 2011

Well…the journey has begun.  I got up at 3am to finalize my packing and then Mom and Lloyd picked me up at 4am and off to the airport we went.   My flight was at 7am and we got me plenty early to the airport.   The flight took off on time and the five hour journey to my first layover.  New York.  Unfortunately, I sat in the middle of a three person row, with a VERY heavy set man on my right.  He basically took over his seat as well as mine so it didn’t make for a very comfortable flight.  Luckily I was abl e to sleep through most of the flight. 

I arrived at JFK at 3 New York time.  Now I have a four hour layover.  My first stop was Chilis Too pub.  It seems to be my new tradition.  I also grab a meal there and something to drink.  Now…only 3 hours and 15 mintues still to go.  In the day of technology, trying to find a simple plug in is next to impossible.  Finally I found one, got my cave man days computer up and running, and wouldn’t you know it, now I have to go to the bathroom…UGH…pack everything back up, and off to the bathroom.

Emergency adverted and now back on my mission to find another plug in….20 minutes later…success.  I am connected to society again. Phew. 

I was able to talk to some of my kids back at school while I was at the airport.  It is amazing how technology can make a big world a little smaller.  One of my students Diana told me she wanted a statue of Liberty figurine.   Another one of my students wanted me to bring her back a Czech student.  I told her that I could manage the Statue of Liberty but the Czech student might be harder to squish into my baggage…they then said they would settle for a limb or a piece of hair…HA…my kids crack me up.

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