Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pani Ucitelka Dykstrova

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Students in the Czech Republic stand when a teacher
enters the classroom
Wednesday was my first day back at Pierra De Coubertina to teach.  One of the main reasons I was back in the Czech Republic was to be an American Guest Teacher and it was wonderful to be back in the classrooms. Katerina planned a great schedule for me and I was welcomed back with open arms.  Romana made the comment that it was like I hadn't I had just gotten back from a weekend trip and was right back to normal activities and I couldn't agree more.

My first class I spoke with was 1C (15 year olds).  I was very nervous even though I had no reason to be.  The students were very welcoming and very attentive.  I talked about American Christmas traditions and since there was some time left over, I shared a little about Washington State.  At the end there was time to pass out the letters that I brought from my students in USA.  Each Czech student picked a letter and was excited to respond back.

Next class I went to was 1B.  They are also 15 years old and just as welcoming as the first class I taught.  I spoke about Washington State and Christmas again and I could see that the students were very excited to hear how Americans celebrate the holiday.  To be honest, I felt a little bit like a celebrity which I don't feel like too often at home.  Some of the students even stayed after class to talk to me.

My third and final lesson for the day was with the younger students.  I met with V1G and V2G (11 and 12 year olds).  There were four classes put together for the lesson and their teachers had them prepare questions before I spoke with them.  After introductions, we started with the questions.  The students asked me things like, "who was my favorite actress/actor" or "who was my favorite athlete?"  Of course, my mind went blank and I couldn't think of one actor or actress to save my life.  I finally gave the standard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie answer because I figured they would know who those people were.  They were a WONDERFUL group of kids and I had a great time with all the classes!!!!
Before I knew it, the class was over and it was time to go home.

I had a little bit of down time before my colleagues/friends from the Kabinet (office) came over to Katerina's for a small party.  everyone brought a potluck item and we just had a chance to visit and catch up.  There was about 15 people that came and it was great to just have some social time to find about all the things I missed while I was gone.  Of e of the many great conversation that we had was about various superstitions that the Czech culture has.  Obviously not all Czechs believe in the superstitions but all the was fun to hear about them.

For example:

If you are having a baby (one of my teacher friends is pregnant so that is how we were on the topic):
---you place a red ribbon over the baby's crib for good luck
---you have the baby shower AFTER the baby is born because it is bad luck to have it before the baby is born
---You can buy a stroller but you cannot keep it in the house otherwise it is bad luck
---The day after the birth of the baby you take the baby to get licked by a cow for good luck

---Guest cannot help clean up after a meal or the daughter of the house will not get married (maybe that is why I am still single)
---No sweeping underneath someone's feet or they won't get married

---pour led into cold water.  The led gets stiff and from the shape it makes, you can see your future.  People actually still do this one apparently.  I asked how you see your future and they responded that it just depends on what you see in the led.  If you see the shape of a baby...maybe your future holds children...if you see the shape of a flower, maybe your future is one of happiness....

Learned today:  All about various Czech superstitions

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