Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anne Frank Student Questions


1.       Was Anne Frank’s house similar to what you pictured it?  No….It is a lot different inside than I thought it was going to be like from the outside.

2.       What does it look like?  It is VERY tall and narrow.  Most houses in Amsterdam are about 6 meters wide so I remember thinking how steep the stairs were.  There were so many stairs and they were very long and steep.  The rooms are so small too.  I can’t imagine 8 people crammed into the “living room”.  The floors are very creaky too so they must have had to be absolutely silent during the day so they wouldn’t have been discovered

3.       How big is the building where she stayed? About 6 meters wide and 
       very narrow.

4.       What are any objects left in Anne Frank’s  secret hideout from the Holocaust? After the were captured, the Nazis came back and took all the furniture.  Otto (Anne’s dad) didn’t want the museum to refurnish the house because he wanted it remembered the way they left it.  There are some pictures that Anne had pasted to the wall still in her room.

5.       What is the most interesting thing about the Secret Annex?  How steep the stairs were, small the rooms were, and the bookshelf.  The bookshelf was sooo small and behind it, hid the secret annex.  It was amazing.

6.       Is it cool to see and know that Anne Frank could have possibly been where you are? Yes.  I am and was in awe to be standing where Anne Frank had been living.  I touched the wall where she had pasted her pictures, I sat on the steps that she used to go up to the attic to “escape”.

7.       Do you think you could hide there for two years?  No.  She and the rest of the members there, must have realized the severity of the situation and their survival instincts kicked in.  I think I could do what I needed to do to survive but it would not have been easy.


8.       How are you?  I am doing fabulously!  I absolutely love this experience I have gotten from the Fulbright organization.  I believe that life is a life long process and 
      I am learning something new everyday.

9.       Do you like the school there?  Teaching is definitely different here in the Czech Republic.  There are some benefits to the Czech School system and there are some benefits to the American School System.  I do love the dedication that the students have to their education.  They all try very hard in all that they do and I appreciate that I don’t have to spend learning time with discipline issues.

10.   Is it cool to be there?  I absolutely love the Czech Republic.  It is an amazing culture, atmosphere and the food is absolutely delicious.  I am truly lucky to be doing this experience with Ms. Kubesova.  She has amazing friends here in the Czech Republic that have been taking care of me so I am very lucky.

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  1. Dear Emily,

    thank you for your insightful observations and impressions. You really mad a difference by your virtual presence in my Cavelero classes.