Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Czech Cuisine

Everybody that knows me, knows that I can't cook.  That occupation was left to my mom and brother growing up.  Food that I made usually bounced when it wasn't suppose to or was identifiable after cooked.  In my pursuit of self discovery, I have decided to cook (or attempt) something new each week.  The first week I made Czech goulash, and after the hours it took me to prepare it, I actually have to admit it was a success.  WAHOOO.

The second week I was gone for spring break, so when I returned  so did my desire to improve my cooking abilities. Last week my goal was to make Bramboraovy zavin s uzenym masem which means:  Potato roll stuffed with smoked ham.  The recipe said it would take 45 minutes and the picture in the book looked really delicious.  After 2 hours, my final result was mashed potatoes with pork instead of the pretty potato roll that displayed in the recipe book.  Needless to say, it was NOT a success.

Not to be discouraged, this week I am going to attempt 2 recipes to make up for my failure last week.

My first recipe was Kvetakova polevka (Cauliflower Soup).  The directions were very vague but with the help of the internet, I learned how to make butter roux and successfully made my cauliflower soup.  For those of you like me and have NO IDEA what butter roux is...let me help is an equal mixture of flower and butter and it is used to thicken up soups.  I tried my product and I have to give it two thumbs up.  I know you can't see this, but I am giving myself several pats on my back right now.

My second recipe is Bramboreve placky (potato pancakes).  I have been told my several Czech that this traditional Czech meal is one of the easiest to make.  Although those words gave me hope, they don't mean much to me since even the simplest recipe I can somehow destroy.

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