Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girls Weekend

March 18-20, 2011

Calan came to visit me this weekend and it was just what I needed.  Calan lives in Vsetin, which is about 6-7 hour train ride away.  She arrived around 8 pm and I picked her up at the train station.  After dropping off her stuff at my flat, we immediately went to our favorite restaurant, The Indian Restaurant, in Tabor.  I cannot brag enough about their food.
     The previous weekend the weather in Tabor was brilliant.  The sun was out and I enjoyed getting outside and walking around "in the nature".  Unfortunately this weekend the weather was not as kind.  It actually snowed all day on Friday and then on Saturday it was super cloudy and absolutely freezing.  The wind alone was enough to chill you to the bone.  Since being outside was not a viable option, we decided to stay indoors, plan future trips, and cook.  :)
      Our first culinary item was chocolate "chip" cookies.  They don't have chocolate chips here in the Czech Republic (or at least they are not easily found) so Calan had an ingenious idea of taking a chocolate bar and cutting it into strips and then little pieces.  It was so fun to bake and visit.  Cooking is so much more fun when A) you have someone to cook for and B) you can visit while doing it.  The cookies turned out to be a success which in my cooking experiences, is always a positive sign.
       Later that evening, we made a homemade pizza.  We made the dough from scratch which was kind of hillarious because you are suppose to whip the dough in a bowl but what the directions don't tell you is that the dough takes on a life of its own and starts to climb up the beaters...and quickly.  So after cleaning up the flying dough and mixing the dough completely we prepared our pizza with pizza sauce, yellow peppers, and onions.  Our pizza turned out well...which again is a highlight in my cooking journey.
          Saturday night was spent watching chick flicks and visiting and it was just what was needed.  I wish Calan lived closer but since she doesn't, the time we get to hang out is always the best!

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