Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunny Days in Krakow

So after I got a couple more hours of sleep from the drunken Australian incident, I set off to get some fresh air.  Blue skies greeted me and everything always looks better when it is sunny outside.  Since I basically saw most of Krakow yesterday on my all day exploration tour, I set off to see the sights again but this time with blue skies framing them.  I went back to Wawel Castle and then I walked walked down to the river and have an amazing walk.  There is a beautiful path along the river and many people were taking advantage of the weather and fresh air.  I walked for awhile along the river and took a bridge across to the older part of Krakow and explored a bit there.

Definitely not the touristy side so I walked back and took a much needed nap at the hostel.
    After my nap, my new friend Katherine and I walked to the Jewish Quarter and found a restaurant to have a couple drinks at.  My first drink was called the Polskie Martini and it was just pure heaven in a glass.  The main ingredient is honey vodka, which my mom says we don't have in the states, and a splash of apple juice and lime juice.  The next drink was called Pinky B and it was also made with honey vodka but this time, lemon juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine syrup were added.  Again, heaven in a glass.  During our drinks, Katherine and I shared life stories and we both agreed that our favorite cities are the ones where we meet people and make new connections.  Katherine is 26 and traveling on her own from Australia for 6 months.  She has been in Krakow since last Thursday and is leaving for Spain tomorrow.  It was awesome to meet her and make a new friend.  I know we will keep in contact.
     After drinks we headed back to the hostel for a cozy night in.  I am getting up early to go to Auschwitz tomorrow and since the drunken idiots have been kicked out, hopefully tonight I can actually get some sleep.

Lesson Learned:  honey sticks are purely an American thing :)

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