Sunday, August 29, 2010

American Meal

So I am going to be cooking an "American" meal for my colleagues/friends from school soon. I have been thinking over and over about what to make for them. First of all, I don't cook. I don't know how to cook, and whenever I do, it doesn't seem to turn out right. Second, what would you consider an "American" meal. We have so many meals we eat in American that I really can't narrow it down to one specific meal. Of course pizza is stereotypical American but they have it here and it came from Italy. Then burgers and french fries but I don't think I can actually buy hamburger buns here....finally, with the help of my American friends here for the weekend, we came up with the perfect meal...SOFT TACOS!!! They have Chinese Restaurants here like we have Mexican Restaurants at my home so I have decided to prepare soft tacos. I know Mexican food isn't "American" but it is what I eat in there you have it.

So the first task was to see if we could gather the indregients...soft shell tortillas, taco seasoning, baked beans, etc. Off to the local grocery store we went and we found ALL that we needed (with the exception of baked beans... no where to be found). We found fajita seasoning which would work just fine and since there is no ground beef anywhere (just pork) we decided on chicken.

Calan, Brock, and I did a practice dinner and had so much fun preparing the food. I had almost cut the tip of my finger off on Friday while cutting bread so I was not allowed to do any chopping. I did the stirring or cleaning up while Brock and Calan prepared a fabulous meal. We had fun taking pictures of our steps along the way because I want to use the pictures for my powerpoint presentation about how it looks to prepare an "American" meal.

After dinner, we had vanilla and chocolate ice cream and ended the night with a DVD....can't be anymore "American" than that. I am now sooooo excited to prepare the meal for my Czech friends and colleagues and give them a taste from home.

What would you consider your favorite "American" meal? I would love to hear from you!

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