Friday, August 13, 2010

Prague mom and I have safely arrived in the Czech Republic. We landed in Prague on Thursday, although it was still Wednesday to us. The plane ride was unexpectantly easy but long. Our driver that picked us up from the hotel forgot to take driving lessons as he seemed to own the road on the way to the hotel. We made it in one piece and checked into Hotel Anna. It is in a beautiful part of Prague...just outside the main tourist area so we are not overwhelmed with people.
Starting day one, we have set out on foot exploring this historic setting. Of course day one, everything looked beyond understanding and no one spoke English. Day two, we both started feeling more comfortable and my basic (and I mean BASIC) understanding of the Czech language has come out to be of some service. The food is AMAZING and very cheap. The beer is spectacular, as expected.
Prague is definitely a city of busy people, going their own way, and trying to get there in a hurry. Not many people speak English until you get to the tourist area of Wenselas Square where there are so many people from all over the world, that broken English seems to be the preferred language.
We got lost on our way back to the hotel and spent most of our time trying to get out of the underground metro system...let me just say THANK GOD for pictures. We couldn't speak the language but pictures seem to be universal. We found our way out and back to our hotel.
I am so appreciative of this experience that I am definitely not going to focus on any negatives but I do have to comment that it was a little weird to see dogs (and we saw MULTIPLE dogs) just peeing on a building or literally pooping on the street corner while their owner stood there, watched, and then walked the dog away without cleaning up the mess. You have to watch where you are walking on the city streets cause you just might step in doggy do do.
Ending on a positve...we have made a new friend in Milano, the owner of the bar/restaraunt next door to our hotel. He has adopted us and made us feel very welcome in his establishment and if you are ever in Prague you have to go to his establishment, U Strecu, and he just might bring out his Gibson guitar and gather the folks into a round of singing and good times.

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