Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Czech Group-Washington DC

August 2, 2010 all Fulbright Participants (60 US teachers and 60 international teachers) met for the first time in Washington DC. We were in meetings everyday and had a chance to get to know each other on a social level before we all embarked on our individual adventures. It was amazing to realize how similar education really is all over the world. We all do similar activities but just may call them different names.
Everyone was sooooo nice and amazing and I left the week in DC with MANY new friends and contacts all over the world. I made many life long friends that I am excited to meet up with in the future. Of course the Czech group was the BEST group. All 6 of us (Calan, Brock, Emily-USA and Katerina, Sona, and Jari-Czech) just got along so wonderfully and really hit it off. It was meant to be and all 6 of us definitely built a lifelong friendship!!!
I excited to leave tomorrow, August 11, 2010 to begin my official Czech adventure. I have had a SUPERB 5 days showing Katerina and her amazing family around Lake Stevens and helping them settle in. So many of my friends, colleagues, and family came out to meet her and her family and I know they will take good care of her. I look forward to hearing from everyone on how Katerina has settled right in!!!
Well...the next time I update the blog I will be an official Czech citizen (well...unofficially) but least living in my new home (for a year)....TILL THEN

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