Friday, August 20, 2010

Hluboka Castle

There are just sooooo many beautiful castles in Prague. For me, it is like living in a fairy tale, but I am sure it must get old for the locals. I asked my friend Romana and she said that she enjoys going to the castles and loves the history part of it which I enjoy very much as well. We just don't have the history like these castles do in the States.

On Friday, Petra, my mom and I rode the bus to Eva and Lubos' house (Michal's parents). We had a WONDERFUL meal: meat/noodle soup, then dumplings, smoked meat, salad, and potato pancakes, and then ice cream and coffee. FYI...Starbucks would make a killing here for the amount of coffee the Czech people is coffee for everything!!!

Then we all drove to Hluboka Castle. Some would refer it to the Cinderella type castle. It is absolutely breath taking. It is so romantic and majestic. We saw 4 different wedding parties there during the day when we were walking around taking pictures etc. If I had a lot of money (and a guy of course) that would be the place I would want to get married.

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