Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fulbright Reunion

Calan and Brock came to visit me in Tabor on Friday August 27. It was so wonderful to have someone that speaks fluent English here. I picked up Calan at the train station at 2 and we walked around town and we did a little shopping. Brock arrived around 6 and we got him settled and headed to the town square for some dinner. We decided to go to the new Indian restaraunt and had the best dinner. I am NOT an Indian food fan but they have a "light" curry with chicken and it is amazing.

We toured around town and it was fun playing tour guide to my town when I actually know where things are. I am very proud of Tabor and love showing it off. We ended the night with dessert and a glass of wine at a cafe in the town square.

On Saturday we got up around 8 and headed to the bus station for a trip/adventure to Pisek. It was an hour bus ride from Tabor and recommended by Katerina to go explore. It was very cheap to go by bus and we were looking forward to any adventure the three of us could tackle.

We arrived in Pisek around 11 and weaved our way to the main square. Unfortunately it started POURING down rain on us and we couldn't fully appreciate the beauty around us and we were huddled under our individual umbrellas. Needless to say, we were soaked and found a restaraunt for lunch. We found our way to the "downstairs" of the restaraunt and ordered lunch. Of course our server didn't speak English so we muddled our way through the Czech language to order. I played it safe with pasta and meet sauce and Calan and Brock each ordered a pizza. I sat between the two of them at the bar and let me tell you...when their pizza arrived, the smell of bree cheese completely overwhelmed me and I thought I was going to be sick. They enjoyed their pizzas and I was happy with my pasta so all was good.

After lunch we ventured back upstairs to the rain and walked along the river. The bridge and views of the multi colored buildings was pretty amazing and we had fun playing photographers and exploring.

We took the 2:40 train back to Tabor and during
our hour wait at the bus station we practiced our Czech in the pouring down rain. It was quite
commical to visualize us sitting in the pouring rain, freezing our butts would think it would be miserable but it wasn't...we were all together and we love the time we get to spend
together. It is nice speaking English fast and having people to share those memories with.

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