Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Surprise

So the first horrible day that I have had, happened Monday Oct. 25th. I had spent all weekend creating a wonderful worksheet about the history of Halloween for my students and when I got to school the worksheet wouldn't open because my computer uses a different version. I had to quickly re write a crappy version to share with my students and everything that could go wrong did. It was one thing after the other and nothing seemed to be going my way.After work the colleaguesin my Kabinet (office) were having a get together at a local pub. I had my Czech language lesson so I wasn't able to get there until 6pm. The walk from my language lesson to the pub was sooooo cold that Ihad to stop at a local store and buy a hat and gloves. I was not in the best of moods and actually thought about skipping the gathering.
I finally arrived and as I walked in, I saw my good friend Iva (who is not in my Kabinet and should not have been there) as well as Mirek (another friend who isn't in my office) and everyone began singing, This Land is Land and Oh Suzanna. As I looked around the table, I also saw Katerina's mom Anna and Michal's parents Eva and Lubos. They had thrown a surprise birthday party for me. I was absolutely shocked and had no idea. They did the
party early before my birthday because on Wed we had 5 days off for Fall break and people were going to be gone. There was cak
e, food, and presents and I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the love I was getting.
It was absolutely the best night and definitely the best cure for my icky day and I just feel so lucky to be in a place where people take time to appreciate others. Thank you friends!!!!!

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