Sunday, October 10, 2010

J. Hrades

On Sunday Oct. 10, 2010

I went with Romana to Jindrichuv Hrades (means Henry's castle) to watch her daughter play in a volleyball tournament. At around 11 Romana and I set off on a 12km bike ride. The day was absolutely beautiful. The weather was PERFECT and the scenery could not have been better. Imagine your ideal European village and that is what we experienced, along with open fields where you could NOTsee a house, building, structure, for MILES! The bike paths were mainly flat so they were perfect for riding. We were following Romana's bike map and only got lost a couple of times but I think those are the best times because you get to experience sights you wouldn't get to normally see.

We biked through fields, river trails, hiked up a river bank, and breathed in the freshest air you could breath in your life. I don't even think my words could do justice to the surrounding scenery. The fall colors of the leaves were spectacular, the views amazing, and the terrain was perfect for biking. We biked to a couple villages. We stopped to have a picnic lunch in Straz and visited the castle of a famous woman. It was GREAT because the castle had MY initals, ED. SO, I have found my castle. You can see in the pictures that it has my initials, so it will be my castle :). We made it to our final biking destination, Jimcina. There was another castle there but it was closed and we had to get back to pick up Romana's daughter so Zdenek (her husband) drove to where we were and picked us up. It was the perfect bike trip.

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