Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cervena Lhota

On Sunday Oct. 10 after our bike ride, Romana and I went t Cervena Lhota. It is also known as the "Red Castle" since Cervena means red. The castle is located about 5 minutes from her parent's cottage outside of Tabor. The castle is absolutely beautiful and to be honest, you wouldn't even know it was there unless someone told you. It is situated off the road, in the middle of a "pond".
The legend is, it is called the Red Castle because many many many years ago there was a man and wife who lived there. Apparently the man didn't like his wife and wanted to kill her. One day when she was looking out the window, he pushed her and she fell. At that time, the castle was colored white. When she fell, she spilled blood all over the side of the castle. The man told the servants to re paint the castle white to cover up his crime. They did, but the red stain shown through over time. He again asked the servants to re paint it white. They did, and again the red blood stain shown through. Finally the man had the servants paint it red so that no one could see the red blood stain....and that is how it got its name....not quite the happy fairy tale you though it would be....

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