Sunday, October 10, 2010


On Saturday, I went with Iva, Martin, and Maky to a small town about 30 minutes or so south of Tabor. The town is named Trebon and it is known as a spa town because...there is a spa there. It is also a town famous for its carp. Every year at this time, they drain the man made "pond" and then the fisherman go out with their boats and nets and catch the carp. In the Czech Republic it is tradition to have Carp and potato salad for Christmas. There were hundreds of people in Trebon to watch this tradition. We had a good spot and were able to see the experience.

After we watched the fisherman we traveled into the actual town and walked around and looked at the castle and surrounding architecture. Trebon has about 15,000 people so it was such a beautiful small, authenic European village.

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