Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day to Day

These are some pictures of my day to day life...nothing too exciting...just wanted to share.

This is me getting my first Czech haircut. All went well. I just got a trim so that isn't that hard to screw up. I had my friend Iva go with me so she could translate if I needed her.

This is a picture of my walk to school in the morning. There was a beautiful sunset. It just makes you breathe in the magic that surrounds you and realize how lucky you are to be where you are!

This is the sweet shop/coffee house that my friends and I go to a lot. They have great ice cream cones. My favorite is the "cookies" one. It has chunks of oreos amidst vannilla ice cream. This place is only 1 minute from my flat. If you continue walking up the cobble would reach my flat.

My friend Iva and I went to see this band. She has a friend that is married to the guitar player in the middle. It was such a brilliant night. They were playing in a wine bar in the Tabor town square. We were in this "cellar" with wine bottles everywhere and people sat where they could. The atmosphere was relaxing and people were enjoying taking time out of their day to enjoy good music, friends, and ambiance.

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