Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuck in Prague

Of course, after the documentary in Prague, Calan and I missed the train back to Tabor by 10 minutes. We raced to the bus station to find out that we also missed the last bus back to Tabor. Sooooooo we were stuck in Prague with no place to stay and no idea where to go. I called Romana and she connected us to her daughter Klara who helped us out. We took a bus to the communist dorms where Klara is staying and luckily they also use part of it as a hostel. The accommodations are not 5 star by any means but we were thankful to have a place to sleep that was relatively inexpensive.
We stayed the night and got up early to catch the 9 am train back to Tabor. It was a long night but always an adventure and I am always glad to be stuck with Calan on an adventure.

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