Saturday, November 20, 2010

Czech Cooking Lessons

Saturday November 20,2010
Clear Beef Soup

Potato Dumplings
Golash and Dumplings

Today I had my first Czech cooking lessons.  Romana was gracious enough to have me over to her house so she could teach me how to cook some traditional Czech cuisines.  Let me preface this blog with this.....I don't know HOW to cook.  I am not a good cook and once when I was little I made cookies for my mom and I think they literally bounced when they dropped to the ground.  I will never win any awards for my cooking expertise or be a final contestant on Top Chef but I do want to learn how to cook some of all this wonderful food that I eat on a regular basis here in the Czech Republic.

all the cooking pots
Moon Countryside Cake
My cooking lesson began with learning how to make "Clear Beef Soup."  It is a simple soup and it would be very hard for me to screw it up.  After we got the soup started, we began the Bucek (Pork).  I am a little nervous to make this again on my own, but it still seems simple enough to make.  We also made potato dumplings and "Moon Countryside Cake."  Finally I learned how to make goulash (my favorite) and how to marinate chicken legs.  Maybe I will be a contestant on Top Chef after all...well....let's not get ahead of myself.

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