Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Hot Love" for my Birthday

I have to say that my 35th Birthday has to be the best birthday I have ever celebrated. In America my friends and I always joke that when your birthday falls on a weekend, you get to celebrate your "birthday weekend." You tell your friends things like, "you have to go out this weekend with me, it's my birthday weekend!" And no matter what your friend is doing, they must go out and celebrate :). It is an unwritten rule among friends. birthday weekend has turned into my birthday month here in the Czech Republic.
It all started with my surprise party that was thrown by my colleagues/friends from school. I have never had a surprise party before so it was a perfect way to start out the best birthday month of my life. All this week at school, I have had many emails from friends wishing me a happy birthday and on my actual birthday I got the best surprises yet.
It started after my first lesson. Misa from my 3D class came into my office and asked if I could
go next door with her for a second. I did, and when I walked into the room, my WHOLE 3D class (30 kids) were in the room and sang happy birthday to me in English. They had made me a cupcake cake that spelled out: Emily's Day and they had candles lit. I blew out the candles and was absolutely blown away by their kindness. They had made me a birthday card that wasdecorated in an American Flag with each student signing it. It was the best way to start my morning. Apparently they had checked with Iva (their Czech teacher) to make sure that my birthday was on Wed and they have been prepared.
Then my next class was V7G and when I walked into the room they threw confetti all over me and sang happy birthday to me in Czech. They also made a card (and a mess all over the floor) and I was so touched. It was definitely hard to teach that lesson because I was so happy from celebrating my birthday that it was hard to concentrate on actual learning. We had a great lesson anyway.
Later I went home to read all the birthday wishes on my Facebook page....Thank you to all you people that wished me happy birthday. It really feels good to be remembered, especially when I am so far from home. Thank you to all my American friends, that put in the effort to send me birthday wishes so I would receive them on the correct day (seeing as I am 9 hours ahead). Thank you to all my students who made it a perfect day of teaching, and thank you to all my new friends who took the time out of your day to make sure that I had the best birthday ever.
That night, I met my good friend Petra for a drink and conversation and we were later joined by my other super duper friends Romana,
Iva and her boyfriend Martin. We celebrated my birthday in style with a fabulous Czech dinner, and a dessert called Hot Love. How could you NOT have a dessert called Hot Love on your birthday. It is the only way I am getting some hot love so at least, I can have some on my birthday :). It was VERY good. Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberry sauce and whip cream....YUUUUUUUMMMMMY. Again, as usual, we spent our time together laughing, learning new words, and smiling. It was just the perfect birthday and I want to thank everyone again for helping make it a special day for me.
November is definitely my birthday month because my "Name Day" is on November 24. In the Czech Republic they have a tradition where you celebrate your name. It is like a mini birthday and mine just happens to be in November so November is OFFICIALLY my birthday month.

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