Saturday, November 6, 2010

Random Rock Republic

SO....what do three Americans do in the Czech Republic when they stumble upon the most random, ravishing, rock refuge...we climb, create and collaborate and design daring documentation.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, in the nature of the Czech Republic....three Americans decided to go for a stroll. Little did they know that the 30 minute walk would turn into a 4 hour adventure. Along
the afternoon stride, the three Americans approached a rock museum. The long haired blonde suggested that they take some pictures. The short haired blonde suggested they strike a pose upon the rocks....the young man just did what the two blondes told him to (clever boy).

One picture turned into a "rockin" photo shoot where the three Americans entertained the Czech audience in their plot to capture brilliance in the rock art industry. If teaching doesn't work out for the three, rock portraiture may be a career path worth exploring.
Then the three continued on their valiant quest to vanquish hunger in the heart of the nature. Keeping straight on the path, the three finally happened upon a clearing where a small food cottage appeared in the distance.
Short haired blonde girl ordered hen with fungi. Long haired blonde girl ordered schnitzel, and young man did what he was told and followed suit (clever boy).
After the three replenished their caloric intake, they set off over the river, and through the woods, back to Emily's house they go. The girls knew the way, and the boy followed they, beneath the afternoon glow.

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