Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Czech Republic

All week I have been teaching my classes and other classes at my school about Thanksgiving.  V2G ( kids about 11/12 years old) surprised me on Thursday with a re enactment of the first Thanksgiving Dinner.  I arrived to their class to see a HUGE table set up for Thanksgiving and students dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans. It was soooooooo sweet!
    They put on the skit and included a Native American dance and a traditional Pilgrim dance.  Some students actually brought in food and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch.  Because of me, they were learning about the Pilgrims and it was an absolute honor to witness their hard work.  I was touched that they went to all this trouble to learn a little bit about my American traditions.

Honza even made a Pumpkin Pie for the Thanksgiving celebration and I am so glad because it was the only Pumpkin Pie I had this year.  It was really good and he did a fabulous job making the pie.

The students even made toys that the Native Americans used during that time and played a game that the Pilgrims use to play.  I learned a lot from these students about my own culture and I can't wait to show my students back home.

Later that night, Ida (the third from the left) had us girls over to her house for a "real Thanksgiving Dinner."  We arrived at 7pm and everyone brought something to contribute to the dinner.  Ida made Turkey legs and mashed potatoes.  I made an American Apple Pie, Iva made an Apple Dort, and Zuzka made a raspberry pastry.   I taught my friends how to make a Mimosa, which is a traditional drink we have at my mom's on Thanksgiving.
     I was able to Skype with my actual family back home and say hi to relatives that I have not seen for awhile which was very nice.  After skyping, we all sat down for our dinner.  Just like in American, there was a lot of conversation, laughter, and learning about new traditions.  I absolutely love my Czech friends and the effort they went to so that I could still have Thanksgiving, even though I was in the Czech Republic.  Truly you can celebrate Thanksgiving anywhere, as long as you have something to be thankful for and I absolutely do.

My Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving dessert

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